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Artist: EXO-K

Title: 중독 (Overdose)

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EXO-K - 중독 (Overdose)



what are you doing minseokkie?? ballet?? stop being too cute ^-^


what are you doing minseokkie?? ballet?? stop being too cute ^-^

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Kageyama Tobio. They call him the "King of the Court." He's an amazing setter.
Kageyama Tobio. They call him the "King of the Court." He's an amazing setter.

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I’ve safely arrived in Seoul :D

Queue is empty, so no new posts (except for maybe travel diary posts) until I’m back in Europe from my Asia round trip at the beginning of April. Since I’m really busy with traveling, I unfortunately won’t have time to read/reply to all messages.

The flight from Amsterdam to Shanghai was hell. First, klm is a shitty airline for European standards, never again.
But the worst thing was the asshat seated next to me tried to talk to me in Chinese at first, told him I’m not Chinese and later kept on hitting on me in English and invaded my personal space.
At first I was watching Kuroko no basket on my tablet, he then just took the ear phones out of my ears to tell me how he’s played basketball for 15 years. Told him I don’t have any interest in real people’s basketball and only like anime. Seriously just leave people alone when they are wearing earphones, watching things.
Later, I was wearing my ear phones (listening to my anime music), and when I took them off he tried to put them in his ears. RUDE. But I was able to stop him in time.
Having to sleep next to him on the plane was so disgusting, he touched my lap and tried to hold my hand while I was sleeping Wtf. How about you Fuck off. I told him to stop because I was trying to sleep. The worst part about sleeping is that you’re trapped and defenseless. When I woke up his face was so incredibly close, he was staring right at my sleeping face. Wtffff. I have the fear he tried to kiss me and not knowing what was happening while I was asleep is a very shitty one.

He did a lot more that pissed me off, like telling me I’m not from Germany when I was filling out the Arrival Card for entering China, writing “German” under “nationality” . I have Asian heritage, but I was born and raised in Germany and have the German citizenship, so who the Fuck do you think you are you to decide where I’m from??? Racist fucktard.

I kinda regret now that I didn’t ask the cabin attendants to give me a different seat, but then again I don’t think they would have done anything, because he never did anything illegal at that point I guess.

As revenge for ruining my entire flight, I took matters into my own hands. just before the plane landed at Pudong international airport I >accidentally < knocked over my tomato juice. Too bad it only got on his shoes, even though I was aiming for his jeans.

I just really hate it that most men assume they have the right to hit on women, never even considering that they are making them incredibly uncomfortable. No woman is asking for shit happen to her.

On another note, lots of bad and then lucky things happened in Shanghai, but I don’t think I’ll ever feel the need to go to Shanghai again tbh. Seen enough.

Good night, world.